Make the Connection

Today’s lesson is about connection and its importance. The subject of connection is important,  The question we always ask in our classes and groups is, “Are you coming from connection?” And that’s really an important question.

 What does that mean? To someone who practices our teaching, understands that means they know they are connected to the one life. If I’m one with the one, if I have a realization, that I’m totally supplied and supported. But the fact is, most people that you know,  don’t come from this place. 

Your average person is not coming from this connected place and live with a lot of reaction. Most folks are acting and they’re reacting, and they’re without realizing who they are in a true sense.

So that’s a problem. Part and parcel of the process of learning to love yourself, is awakening to who you really are. If you’re awake, and you come into a teaching like this, and you realize that you are one with the one, then you’re in a place where you understand that there’s nothing and no one against you. 

There never could be if you have a deep spiritual realization of truth, which I know is a lot to ask of anybody. And I’m aware as people come into a call like this for the first time, people come in from such different places. Sometimes, you come in, and you might be very broken. By that, I mean, you may be hurting, you may have lost a job, you may have lost a relationship. The out picturing of your life could be pretty miserable. And you come into a place, a New Thought center, when you learn about the law of attraction, and you learn that you can change things. And that’s really exciting. And you can and you will change things for the better if you stay with it. And you can change things rather quickly.

 The part that they don’t often tell you and the part that’s tough, is the realization that ultimately what needs to change in the end is you. 

Because the teaching is very simple, though not always easy. Louise Hay. Our famous student from this center would always so eloquently say, “It’s all very simple. Your life is a mirror to you, whatever it is that spins within plays outside”. Whatever it is, that goes on within you, is playing at the movies of your life. In truth, there’s never anything outside of your consciousness.

So that’s really the journey we take. It’s the journey with self to self, to wake up to the greater truth of who you are, and what you are, and to the realization that you are empowered to change anything.

So how do you get there? How do you get there when half the time you play the blame game? How do you get there when half the time you’re making your life about somebody else?

 People spend a lot of time with the blame game. And when you come into a teaching like this, you very quickly realize there’s nobody to blame. Can’t blame the economy, can’t blame the president, can’t blame the political parties, can’t blame my spouse, can’t blame my employer. There’s no one to blame. We come up and we come to the realization that I again am the author of my own experience. I cannot be making my life about somebody else. You are the person who uses what Holmes talked about your executive power.

One thing I learned along the way in the Louise Hay classes and Ernest Holmes classes is, you can save your breath, trying to change people’s point of views. I don’t spend a lot of time trying to convince anybody to do anything.

 And I haven’t for many years, because I really know people do what they want to do. And you might know something passionately as many of us do in this teaching, but our knowing it doesn’t change anything with another person. Our knowing  changes our world.

Other people have other paths, and other people haven’t yet maybe arrived at the place of knowing that you might have, and that’s perfectly okay. Be glad you know and you realize all of this.

 I remember struggling with many of these concepts in my mid 20s, in my early 30s, and very much playing the blame game. I’d be blaming my parents, I’d be blaming the people I was living with, or the jobs, the employers. I’d be angry at all kinds of things. I had not yet learned that perfection of life, which said “All is Well”

When you come to the point in your inner knowing where you know, the perfection of life, and how sweet it is, and how good it is, there’s a bunch of things that happen. There’s are a lot of worries that just goes away from you. The corpses that Ernest Holmes talked about, that we carry the burdens that we carry, it’s like they evaporate. Where we come to realize that nothing and no one is against us, we’re coming to realize our goodness. This isn’t about anybody other than our own selves. 

And we have power within us that we can harness, that meet in transcend all situations.

So how do you get there? How do you get there when half the time you play the blame game? How do you get there when half the time you’re making your life about somebody else?

Wisdom that leads to Freedom

Final freedom will come only as it is tied into wisdom. 

We want to develop the wisdom to know that life and people cannot be divided against each other “Life cannot be divided against itself.”

The Secret Within


Today we are going to tell you about a secret. The secret that most of us seem to have forgotten or which has been hidden from us.

Once you learn of it. If you embrace this secret, utilize it and practice it, great things will begin to happen. If you learn to employ it and put a demand on it, you will always succeed!

And the secret is “THE POWER WITHIN YOURSELF”. The power to have whatever you imagine. The power to achieve anything in life is residing within you. The whole universe operates through you.

The rule to harness this power is very simple, “Whatever you want in life, contemplate your connection with infinite life, sense and envision what it is you want to demonstrate , believe in it, keep in this powerful affirmation and then you will have it”. Consciously or unconsciously we are the directors of whatever happens to us in life. We are the executive power of our circumstances.

All we have to do is to think deeply and get clarity about who we are, what our purpose is. We can develop a ‘certainty of purpose’ to create and achieve our desires in life. We want to allow our spirit to guide us.

All human beings have this wondrous internal guidance system in them. It warns them, informs them and gives them the right piece of information at the right time. With every passing day, we learn and adapt to a new world. The lives we spend are very precious, so every moment of it can be alive and full of wonderful experiences.

Our bodies are the indicators of our thoughts and what’s there in our mind. For example, do you feel fulfilled, optimistic, or positive? Or do you have a sense of being off-track. Does life feel dull or meaningless? These physical feelings actually represent our state of mind.

At certain times our lives are working well, when we are in the flow of things experiencing joy and are filled with positivity. We might say that the Universe has a will of its own which is unfolding or expressing in greater ways. And then there are times when all the doors seem to close on us. When this happens we don’t see the bigger picture and tend to forget that we are spiritual beings who have much to learn and experience. We tend to get attached to people and objects in a certain way.

What we shall realize at all times is that the Universe is supporting us always. We must say to ourselves that Spirit has our back always. Each one of us is evolving upward, forward and for the better. During this journey of evolution, we acquire wisdom, to know all circumstances, happenings and events in life are helpful and are allowing us to develop an unshakable faith.

That creative impulse that is present within all of us is pushing us forward and beyond. We must realize that we are never lost. For example, when you look backward in life you can see the great things which were brought to you by all the teachers in your life.

Ernest Holmes, stated that “Life is expressing itself in greater and greater terms and it is the nature of life to do this.”

We are born as free beings. However, we quickly forget about this freedom. We become socialized, take on many of the beliefs of our family and society. We grow out of touch with our true selves.

We unknowingly are in resistance to the flow of our Spirit, our natural self, our good. Sometimes all that is needed is changing our thoughts or thinking on a given set of circumstances.

We are not victims of the world we look at. We are free to see things differently and we are free to be in new moments and take inspired actions.

Your natural self is joyful, playful, confident, trusting, expressing love, happiness and peace.

It’s never too late. If you ‘ve never lived your life “on Purpose” you can! Remember the “POWER OF CHANGE” is within you. You are the source of change. You have the power!

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