Wisdom that leads to Freedom

Wisdom that leads to freedom

Let us understand the concept of unity to find the meaning of freedom. Nothing in any part of this cosmic whole could be considered free that would destroy the liberty of some other part of it. That would be self-destruction. As Jesus pointed out two thousand years ago, that would be a kingdom divided against itself. The kingdom of God is one kingdom. Or said another way this divine presence, is one presence everywhere expressed.  So, we know that true liberty must spring from true unity. We are one with a supreme unity, we are one with an immutable law of cause and effect, that is moving into action. Cause and effect are eternally in operation.  We are one even while we are many, and since each one of us is a part of the whole, if we seek to destroy each other we only ultimately hurt ourselves. Freedom, then, will come only in such degree as we no longer do anything that hurts anyone. We are smart, we are strong, we are here to thrive and shine. We live in a consciousness where we know nothing, and no one is against us. Nothing we teach or believe causes us to think that Spirit wants us to suffer. What kind of a universe has a God who suffers and then imposes suffering upon its creation? We do not believe any of this! Old religious traditions and those that cling to ideas that people must be saved or redeemed will fade away. They are based on fear and only give solace to the fearful. People are suffering everywhere, it’s a fact. Misery though is optional; suffering is not God ordained. We might say that the world suffered darkness until somebody discovered electricity. It suffered crawling around on the face of the earth until technology was developed so we could fly and drive. The world at large suffers limitation, not because the Infinite imposes limitation, but because we do not understand our freedom. And when it begins to develop its freedom, seldom does it do so directly, easily. Often it steps forward and backward. It generally creates a new bondage that is a little better than what preceded it. When we kill the old devil, we are very likely to give birth to a new and subtler one. 

Final freedom will come only as it is tied into wisdom. 

We want to develop the wisdom to know that life and people cannot be divided against each other “Life cannot be divided against itself.”

This presence, this energy is everywhere in all. As long as we seek to hurt, we will be hurt. We desire freedom. We do not like pain, we do not like poverty, we do not like unhappiness. None of us likes to go to sleep with worry. We sense inner freedom, we sense liberty, we sense our connection with something greater. Yet in our day to day living, we experience limitation, and we forget who we are. We get conflicted between what we feel ought to be and what we see in the world. It seems as though we are two people, one that experiences lack, limitation and one that knows that God is all there is. 

The evolution of freedom in the human conscious is a painfully slow process. Many movements in the world that claim to be seeking liberty only produce new kinds of bondage. Always evolving going forward, the world is not yet quite there. The artist keeps painting the work that is not yet what he sees. 

If we want freedom, we must understand that freedom can never come by the imposition of a will of one group over the other. It is born finally in such degree when individuals are made free and they do not, in their freedom, impose bondage on someone else.
The true spirit of democracy is a spiritual conception where there is freedom, liberty, and a flexibility that allows for change and evolution. Or the institutions themselves will work against freedom.  We work to perfect our democracy as we work to perfect and correct our thinking. We quickly see changes in our own lives as we trust in the process and know that we are supplied and supported.

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