What is in a name?

Years, many years ago when I thought of God, I’d be thinking of a great power, a father figure most of the time who had the capability of doing many things. If I recollect, it was to be feared for it could punish, yet it was loving and kind. It was both forgiving and but then there was the wrath of God. It was a bit confusing to a kid and I do remember when there were such contradictions being told that these are “mysteries”. Whatever question my parents could not answer was met with it being a mystery or I had to “offer something up” or have more faith.
I had faith then and I do now but nonsense is nonsense. There is something inherent in the hearts and minds of men and women that know the truth and what was being presented on the alter or in the pulpits back then and probably now in many places is irrational. It is no surprise to me that each year many hundreds of churches close.
Thankfully, my dear late father enjoyed my questions and didn’t shut down the discussion.
Any of us that have emerged from orthodoxy or traditional religions are so fortunate. I found my way in via Louise Hay then Ernest Holmes. How people find us is a mystery! We are here for people who are searching and knowing what is presented or has been just doesn’t make sense.
Sunday I introduced and spoke about the word Anthropomorphic. Look it up, when we anthropomorphize God we are assigning whatever It (God) is human characteristics.
We spoke of the names for this higher power and had a list of over a hundred, and suggested that there could be many more,
When it comes to that, your personal relationship with source. It is up to you to decide if it is a trinity, a presence, “The one” or what have you! And no one is wrong.
You learn with us that there is power and you can learn to use it effectively but it cannot be manipulated, try as anyone might.
Holmes called it “The Thing Itself” which was too much for me way back when but he had it right. It was me that was anthropomorphizing, and he knew there was a presence and it responded to us.
‘It’ is a very impersonal word and it responds to us affirmatively at our level of knowing.
It is useless to beseech and beg It to do your bidding or to change reality, it is possible however to have circumstances change if you change. There is power for good in the Universe and you can
( learn) to use it
Our classes and discussions help you discover who you have come here to be and what is yours to do , how to use it and be connected to a community that is on a similar journey.

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