Too hot to handle


Can you handle an Infinite Source? Or would it be too hot to handle?

Suppose you could plug into a circuit that has a universal unlimited power source.How would you handle it or would it instantly destroy you? Suppose all the water on earth would flow out of your faucet the next time you turned it on? How quickly would you drown?You can control these things through physical means and an understanding of the natural flow.

Do you make any efforts to moderate the quality of your thoughts? Do you concentrate on what you let in and out of your consciousness? If you want to change your life, you have to change your thinking. I learned in a 12-step program 40 years ago, “To be careful of stinking thinking” and I might add, and all the words that can follow out of your thoughts, for our word is our wand.

Human nature is part of the divine. This is what I’ll call it today “sacred energy”. It has many names; chi, animating force, spirit, life force, inner light. This sacred energy is in your Life.

We come here today to be reminded and be lifted up into the realization that we are one with it. Ernest Holmes said in effect, “We must be lifted up, and come to know our divine nature and relationship to the truth of the universe. This relationship is one of complete unity.” We must be lifted up to a place where we know that there is actually a spark of divinity within us, also to a higher understanding of who we are and that this power responds to us.

You can’t lose with the stuff we use.


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