The Power of Expectations

Power expectation


Today we will take a look at the power of expectations. How our expectations can lead us to strength and help us achieve good in life.  If you have an expectation, it means you have a strong belief that something is going to take place. But most people consider expectations as something that can lead them to disappointment or even self-destruction. Some of the challenges faced with expectations are: –

  1. People allow their emotions to be controlled by forces which are beyond them.
  2. We tend to make our life and happiness dependent upon others. And when we don’t get that happiness, we tend to blame others or ourselves.
  3. People expect that life will be fair, which is unrealistic.  No life is fair from a personal human perspective and that expectation can get us in a lot of trouble.

Such a person who has the expectation that “all would be fair” are often miserable  and would be described as someone who has fairness issues.

We have to accept that a beautiful perfect life is not always fair. It may sound like a contradiction. Another place where we can get in trouble is that we have certain expectations of others as well as ourselves that are unrealistic which lead us to great disappointments.We are humans and humans make mistakes. We fall or fail sometimes. We tend to associate expectations with others which we cannot keep up with ourselves.

Louise Hay stated “We are spiritual beings on a journey”. People are doing the best they can with consciousness, the information, understanding and awareness they have.

Ernest Holmes says, “Our intent is to seek to realize a spiritual Universe.” No matter what is happening in life, your life or in the world and its affairs. Our intent is torealize, a spiritual universe regardless. Spirit is all in all. If you can bring yourself to this place. You will have travelled a great distance. The Spiritual Universe is perfect as it is.  If it were not, it could not exist at all. God also called Spirit, is whole and complete.

It is called the perfect cause and everything is perfect effect

We the true students disregard every story to the contrary and learn and believe that we live in a perfect, yes perfect universe. And with people potentially perfect. This is our practice and our spiritual work, to keep seeing people and situations, circumstances as good and unfolding in perfectly.

Holmes himself acknowledges that this is not necessarily easy in the beginning. Especially when things don’t seem to be going our way. We will prove to ourselves in the practice of living the affirmative life that our position is the correct one. Can you imagine today how much work it takes to maintain this ‘High Watch” And not get caught up into the sink hole of negativity and chatter that seems everywhere present?

Our own dear Louise Hay so often exclaimed; “ All is well “

If you do not realize at this moment that you are living in a spiritual universe which is perfect, if you do not think that all is great, all is well then this is the work for you. We are going to cultivate that awareness.

We have to meditate on perfect life each day and our oneness with it. As we do this something opens up for us. A peace, a sense of wonder and wholeness, a calm, a connection that words never quite describe. This road, this contemplation and the knowledge that comes to us allows a joy and peace that passes all understanding.

We may affirm to ourselves, every day that: – “The Universe is perfect, perfect life within me which is God comes forth in expression through me as that which I am.  I am guided ever on the path of perfection and I see only the good”. This is a deep practice. Asking for guidance, asking to see only the good. As we practice seeing only the good, our soul will become illumined and vibrate in higher and higher frequency and acquaint itself with Spirit and truly be at peace in the here and now.



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