Courage to Thrive

Courage to thrive

Times are changing and changing fast. A great quote RW Trine: “We are born into a strange time – a time that tries our souls”.  He wrote that in 1897.

G Kent American Broadcaster wrote a best seller titled “You are what you tweet” and had this to say about today’s culture, “You become what you digest into your spirit. Whatever you think about, focus on, read about, talk about, you’re going to attract more of into your life”. Make sure those tweets messages and thoughts are all positive.

Suggestion, take an account of what you are consuming all day long, (listening to, reading, watching). And more importantly what is consuming you? What’s eating you up? Remember the importance of the value of self-discovery and listening to the conversation that goes on inside. When you can interrupt any negative dialogue or train of thought (and you can) when you can put it on pause,  everything begins to change, you change.  We need the courage to challenge our thoughts and our messaging to ourselves and others. If we pause, we can act and not react. Who would you be if you were centered more? What would it be like to be that empowered where you were living in a world where nothing and no one is against you? So, you are what you dwell upon, or what you are tweeting about in 2020. The new language amuses me, but these are old ideas being beautifully represented by the youth of today, people such as MS Kent or Gabby Bernstein or Mimi Ikonn, who at 33 is a self-described “Global Citizen “. She writes on social trends, style and is a leading commenter on many things. Look her up she has a huge following.  She wrote, “When you establish peace, when you establish love within, when you establish kindness here, you cannot, act any other way to the outside world.” Inspirational author Alan Cohen says, “Don’t wait for the world to change. Change your mind about the world.” Let’s look to the past for a moment. Paraphrasing Ralph W Trine “In Tune with the Infinite” He said over 133 years “We are born into a strange time—a time that tries our souls”.

Many people live in fear, life now is all about change and uncertainty in this city, in every city, every town and everywhere. This was 1897. It’s like he wrote this piece this today. He goes on to express, “This is a time to summon whatever courage we have, whatever faith we have and practice that faith knowing we are supplied and supported”. We will come through, we will rise, we will rise in a way that may surprise us. And in such a way where others who dwell in fear cannot rise. We need to be confident; we need to be bold to help ourselves and help others be a bit more courageous and resolved to find that person of confidence and faith within. It’s there somewhere, it’s time. This is not a dress rehearsal. It’s time for you to shine!

And find that strength, that courage. Loving self, nurturing the inner self, getting stronger, we talk about this in some way. Nurture this inner strength now. Repeat to yourself often “I am strong enough”. I am supplied and supported”. Love that strong person with in you that has overcome so much, Embrace that strong person. Know it resides in you. Cultivate that strength in you, find it, let us get excited about it, the power, the strength that is there somewhere.

Life will respond to your awakening, your discovery of courage and power, it always has been there. The universe responds to bold new thinking and ideas. The POWER that holds and that moves the stars in their galaxies holds and illumines you and seems to root for the brave. Courage has power and magic in it. Faith and courage are your latent superpowers. You can’t lose if you have confidence and the courage we are talking about here. We have to have courage and maintain it somehow someway. Here is something to think about, “We are done only when we say we are done”. It’s too late, when we say it’s too late, too old when we say so. Power is there, sustaining power when we allow it to guide us. Willingness is the key and the courage to listen and respond in faith.

Our part is to eliminate fear from any and every thought and eliminate it’s twin, worry. Eliminate fear and worry, don’t go there, be 100% resolved not to entertain worry and doubt, not for a minute, not any minute.


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  1. Celia Knight
    Celia Knight

    Thank you for your words of encouragement. For me this is a time to be open to the vastness of good that surrounds us. I put my worries aside, even for just a few minutes. I enjoy the energy of daytime and draw comfort in the peacefulness of evening. It’s almost like a conversation, one that I am grateful to participate in.

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