Are you longing for change?

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I watched the remake of a Star is Born last year and in the song “ Shallow” There was a haunting line: “Are you Longing for change?”  and do you want more? It was a powerful passage that speaks to the yearning in all of us.

We are each 100% responsible for our lives. We can change. We have everything we need to turn it around.  We are free to turn it around. We have POWER!

With our teaching, we come to understand that we have a choice.  We exist as pure potential.  Sure we want more. We want to express life creatively, joyfully with peace and faith knowing we are supplied always.

The presence works through us. Life is responding to us endlessly.  We have a choice to see and experience life in a greater and more expansive way.  To have more to experience more love, wholeness, health, abundance.

Willingness is the key.  Are you willing to let go of the old concepts and beliefs to embrace the greater?  Are you willing to “ Hitch your wagon to the stars of greater ideas?

If so positive change is inevitable. We are “far from the shallow now”. When we are doing our spiritual work we are pouring ideas of truth into our minds and hearts and as we consider them. We will feel the rightness of the truth.  We will soon begin to embody these greater concepts.

Self-seeking will begin to slip away and we come to realize that all is well.  We know that all that has been was to bring us to where we are now and that all is well.

“it’s’ all very simple” Louise Hay often said, but we must do the work in consciousness best casino in Canada.

Our world reflects our consciousness, nothing more. Our life is about consciousness. The things in your life reflect our consciousness.  Logically when you want more, when you are longing for change and you are willing to change your consciousness and beliefs of all kinds, you will begin to grow and start to thrive. The Universe can’t do for us what it can’t do through us. We must be willing to surrender the old concepts to win and be willing to be in new moments embracing new and expansive ideas.

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