The Gift of Giving

The gift of giving

Today we will talk about the gift of giving, and I’m going to do parts of it. The universe, as we know is not designed for suffering. Ernest Holmes said, suffering is not God ordained. We suffer when we cling to the past, and we cling to people, to things and we’re creating our own future. So, we always have the ability to see things in a new way, and to be in a new moment. I remember when I was a kid, there was great excitement because I knew I was going to get some wonderful things on Christmas. 

Not all, perhaps most things I wanted, but I would get a lot. And I remember it being a time of wonder. And we all kids would be racing towards that Christmas tree to see what Santa had bestowed upon us. Even when we knew Santa was my father and mother, we still were excited about receiving. And just the joy of it all. As we mature and grow up, we become adults, somewhere along the line, there’s a maturity that starts to happen. And we discover the delight in giving. 

I didn’t really know that so well until I probably got into my 30s or 40s where it gave me much more pleasure to be thinking about other people and things that might bring them pleasure. And it could be as simple as a card, or it might be me rummaging through an antique store to discover something special for my mother or aunt that probably I only know they would like and it didn’t always represent money.  It was taking time to think about something I knew that would be special or even a special card or one I would create myself to give. During those years the delight was in actual, finding the perfect thing, the card, or anything that I could think of that might bring delight.   

This is the great things about Christmas time because it is a time of giving. It would be great if we could develop the consciousness to have that kind of giving mentality throughout the year, I think our orientation matures and it goes towards lifting and caring for others.  I was once told people in this teaching are lifters.  I believe that’s true. There’s spiritual maturation here that is tied into giving and giving is really a big part of our teaching. And I think some people miss this. It’s great to find new ways to give of ourselves. I was taught by Bill Taliaferro “ life loves a giver”. And I never really understood how important that was, when I first heard those words.Life loves a giver. And another one of his famous lines was, he’d asked us the question, “Are you a lifter? Or are you a leaner? Are you here, lifting people up? It doesn’t take a lot”. I remember a friend Pat Amey in Florida years ago, her spiritual practice was wherever she would see somebody, she’d look at them and acknowledge them and smile at them. And she said, My God, everything changed when I started doing this. So it’s part and parcel of developing a grateful heart. And also, a prosperous heart. Because as you realize that you have so much, it’s very easy for you to give, and that your needs are known before you even speak them. You’re developing an implicit trust in the process of life. 

It becomes easier to be the cheerleader and the champion, the applauder and the lifter. And it feels good. Giving feels good. When you’re holding back, and you’re in a state of discomfort or anger, or you’re disturbed. It isn’t about anybody else.  (You have the power to see it another way.)

So, we learn how to untie ourselves in this teaching. To be unbound by the things that we’ve allowed to disturb us in the past. I’m not looking to receive anything anymore, and yet, I receive all the time. 

Because the receiving is directly tied to the giving.” Life loves a giver”. so as we give and we give, we start to notice all the good that comes to us , We are opening up doors for receiving it’s the way it works.

You could right now after reading this, pick up the phone and call a couple of people or connect with someone next door.  A brief check in can make a big difference. It really could. 

Some of you are good with technology, you can send a card or a gift card, you could simply just send a text message. You could even do a text blast. 

You never know where those messages land and how they might touch people. 

Because, if you’re doing it with the right heart and coming from the right place, it’s a representation of a loving thing. And it’ll land in the right place at the right moment for the right person. 

So, it’s not too late actually. To do something special to impact another person. Giving is the gift. Challenge yourself to find ways to give.  It is the gift that you give yourself. To decide not to give only hurts you or perpetuates a consciousness that most of us would like to change. Most people would like more intimacy, more close friends, and people who genuinely care about them. You know what to do.  

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