Happy Fourth July

Dr. Holmes wrote, to suppose that the Creative Intelligence of the Universe would create us in bondage, would be to dishonor the Creative Power or Spirit.We must be created with the possibility of limitless freedom and let alone to discover it within ourselves.
What gives us freedom?  Is there something that gives us real independence, real freedom?
Our freedom comes not from our independence but from our true dependence upon Spirit. It comes from inviting the awareness of Spirit deeply into our hearts and minds and having faith in this power.
Our faith is in infinite love and its power and presence everywhere. We know intuitively that it responds to us.
It is our dependence on the Great Life Principle that enables us to live and to experience the joy and beauty of life. It is always unfolding into greater experiences. We must know this and rely on its givingness to all.
Life is corresponding to our awareness and our consciousness. It is wise to think great expansive thoughts, loving thoughts. Release any and all grievances.
Frederick Bailes, a new thought teacher, tells us our freedom of choice enables us to think like an angel or a devil, a king or a pauper, whatever we choose, the mind will create, mirror and manifest. Oh what power and freedom we truly have!
We know that we are as free to think what we want and we are always free to be in a new moment dropping all our woes!  There is nothing enlightened about feeling sorry for ourselves. With this teaching, we are free to rise and shine!
We are free to see differently.  We forgive and let everyone go and let them be free. We forgive ourselves most of all so we can be in love and free in new moments.
From the Broadway Show, Shenandoah, there is a song called Freedom:
The lyrics say:   you can’t get to Freedom by riding on a train, there is no destination called Freedom, because Freedom is a state of mind.
As citizens of the US many of us have had a consciousness of Freedom, but all too many of us have allowed the news of the day to steal freedom away from us.
In the past few months, the spread of COVID-19 has caused federal and state governments to take measures that would have seemed extreme by restricting people’s ability to be together. Businesses are shutdown, borders closed, and large gatherings curtailed.  Citizens  are compelled to stay home  to be safe.  We are not disturbed, we know everything is God in action and evolving perfectly.  We know it is all happening for us. We are free to see the good in change. We choose this now.
Affirmative Prayer will open any door we have locked by opening up our consciousness to the good that is the reality, omnipresent good in and in all of us

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